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Dodge Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Dodge Repair Service

When people think of vehicles that helped win the war, they think of Jeep. The truth is, Dodge was also a major important player in the winning of the Second World War. In the 1940s, Dodge produced military-spec trucks and ambulances for the war. Afterwards, Dodge became a large manufacturer of vehicles in the United States.

At Villa Automotive, we cherish the history of Dodges and give special care to every Dodge that comes into our shop. If you require a Dodge repair service in San Luis Obispo, we welcome you to Villa Automotive. We pride ourselves in providing customer service that’s as exceptional as our work ethic. What makes our work ethic exceptional? Our inclusion of you in the reparation process. Our services are affordable because we don’t surprise you with any hidden costs in your bill. We explain to you all the repair work we do and don’t go ahead with it without your consent.

Our current customers love us for our ability to explain complex issues in lay terms. We do all kinds of Dodge Repair Services in San Luis Obispo areas and do preventative maintenance like oil changes and fluid flushes. The moment you experience something off with your Dodge, schedule an appointment with the professional team at Villa Automotive.